Speaking with the Sommelier

Navigating the wine list at any restaurant can be a little daunting. At least when you are in a retail store, you can look at the bottle’s labels and learn a lot about the wine. This is why many restaurants have a sommelier on staff to assist you. Whether you are looking for a special occasion wine or enjoying a glass “just because”, here are some tips on what to let the sommelier know so that they can best assist you.

All About Corks

Why are corks used to seal wine?  What does “corked” wine mean?  Are corks better than screwcaps?  Sometimes questions come up about wine closures…specifically cork so we thought we would educate on them a bit.

How to Know Which Wines Will Age Best

It brings up a great topic that I hear a lot.  Which wines are best to lay down and age?  How can someone tell?  Sometimes it is an educated guess on the history of that specific region, estate or varietal.  Sometimes, it has a lot to do with the care that is taken in properly storing the wines as well.  Read on to know what to look for when you are choosing age-worthy wines.

The Natural Wine Trend

You have probably heard of natural wine. It became trendy in many wine bars and wine shops a few years ago. The ones that tend to showcase non-mainstream varietals and wine regions…the kind of places wine nerds like us love to visit! However, we have started to see natural wines pop up in more mainstream locations in the past couple of years. In case you are wondering what exactly a natural wine is, Wine Curations is here to help!

Women in Wine

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to recognize some of our favorite women owned and women made wines. Thankfully, the wine industry has started to become more inclusive in the past several years so the list is ever growing. We think this is a great positive for many reasons.

Cooking with Wine

While we all enjoy drinking wine, there are other uses for it. One of those uses is cooking. Think of the classic dishes like Beef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, Mussels in White Wine and Cioppino. They would not be the same without using wine for enhanced flavors. Sometimes wine also assists with cooking, such as, deglazing a pan. It is recommended to use wine versus water or stock because the wine can dissolve both water and oil-soluble particles.

When recipes call for wine to be used though, many people wonder what kind of wine they should be using. Wine Curations is here to help.

Winter Wines

The Cure for Winter Blues? Hearty Reds

As the temperatures are currently plummeting in most of the country, it makes many of us want to stay in and get cozy.  Personally, I love doing this by reaching for a bold, spicy red wine and a fuzzy blanket.  Full bodied reds also tend to match well with hearty winter dishes, such as, stews, pot roasts and chili.  If you need to help fighting the winter blues, then Wine Curations has you covered with some hearty red wine recommendations to warm you up!